Commission for Tipsters

Get paid for referrals
We are always searching for new properties to add to our portfolio.
If someone you know from your circle of family, friends, neighbours, or colleagues is looking to sell real estate, you can refer them to us and make extra cash.
If a referral leads to a successful transaction, you will benefit from a 10% referral commission from our 3% commission, with a 20% deduction for property tax. For instance, if a transaction is successful for a deal priced at EUR 1,500,000, you will get a whopping EUR 3,600.

If you wish, we will keep your details confidential and not share your name with the property owners. All you have to provide is the name and the contact details of the potential seller and will handle the rest of the process.

What are the Requirements for Tipsters?

In case of a referral, the property has to meet the following requirements:

  • Must be for sale
  • Not publicly advertised
  • Property and owner have to be unknown to our company

Please note that we are considering properties located across all provinces of Austria.

What happens upon referring to us?

If your referral meets all the criteria mentioned above, and we have the personal data of the owner, we will get back to you at once. It is up to you if you wish to remain anonymous or be revealed as the referral source to the property owner. If the property owner is willing to sell their asset through our brokers, we will add it to our listings.
In case the lead proves to be successful, you will be able to generate a total of 10% of our 3% net brokerage commission (incl. a 20% VAT).
We look forward to working with you!
Evgeny Pilnikov.
To participate in this lucrative scheme, please contact Luxury Immobilien GmbH by calling +43 660 8591085 or by filling out the contact form.
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