Hovenweg 3 / 1220 Vienna

Hovenweg 3 / 1220 Vienna is a new residential complex located in Vienna, Austria.
About the project
The 10- storey building offers residents a comfortable living environment. Property prices start at EUR 231,000.
LOVT gym
40 underground parking spaces
all of the sanitary facilities, parquet flooring, and tiles are included in the purchase price
The purchase of an apartment from Haring Group comes with two one-year memberships to the LOVT gym.
Hovenweg 3 / 1220 Vienna is a new residential complex located in Vienna, Austria. The project was developed by Haring Group, one of the largest developers in Vienna.
The company specialises in high-quality residential and retirement developments and has already implemented over 150 projects.

The complex can be accessed via Wagramerstraße using a central staircase with two elevators. Underground parking is available to tenants and can be reached via Hovenweg. Residents have access to a centrally located bicycle parking area and storage rooms that are situated on the access floors off Wagramerstraße and Hofenweg, and there is a children’s playground in the courtyard.
Features of the Apartments
The complex has a U-shaped design and includes one- to three-bedroom condominiums that range in size from 33 sq. m to 125 sq. m.
The building also has a limited number of four-bedroom units. For more details, please contact a specialist for more information.
Residents can enjoy a garden, loggia, balcony, and rooftop terrace
There are a total of 115 condominiums and 40 underground parking spaces. Residents can enjoy a variety of amenities, including a garden, loggia, balcony, and rooftop terrace.

All condominiums are ready for occupancy when handed over, which means that all of the sanitary facilities, parquet flooring, and tiles are included in the purchase price.
Top Apartments for sale
Top-04 2BR Apartment with terrace
Living area
46,24 m2
4,92 m2
Top-01 3BR Apartment with terrace
66,13 m2
Living area
11,52 m2
Top-02 3BR Apartment with terrace
60,84 m2
Living area
5,52 m2
Top-03 3BR Apartment with terrace
60,18 m2
Living area
15,42 m2
Top-05 2BR Apartment with terrace
44,11 m2
Living area
11,52 m2
Top-06 1BR Apartment with terrace
33,35 m2
Living area
10,21 m2
Top Apartments for sale

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The Hovenweg 3 / 1220 Vienna development is situated at the intersection of Wagramerstrasse and Donaustadtstrasse. Due to its advantageous location, the complex is surrounded by leisure facilities, such as cinemas and restaurants. Old Danube can be reached within a 10-minute walk of the residences.
Intersection of Wagramerstrasse and Donaustadtstrasse
10 minutes’ walk
Old Danube
The closest bus stop
Public transport
Residents have easy access to public transportation, such as the U-bahn, trams, and buses, which can be reached within walking distance of the complex. The closest bus stop is Siebeckstraße, which is on the N25 route, and the nearest U-bahn station is situated within a five-minute walk.
Medical and educational facilities
The complex is located in a community with a well-developed infrastructure. The nearest medical facilities are KinderWunschKlinik Donauzentrum, House of Mercy Tokiostraße, Over Medical, and Wundzentrum Wien 22.

Families can take advantage of nearby educational facilities, including:

  • Vienna International School
  • Hertha Firnberg Schulen für Wirtschaft und Tourismus
  • Schulzentrum Donaustadt
  • Hort der Wiener Kinderfreunde
  • Waldorfkindergarten Wien Ost
  • Kindercompany Wien
Trade malls
The complex is conveniently located across the street from Donauzentrum, a modern shopping centre with retail stores, restaurants, and a cinema. Residents can also shop at BILLA, Einkaufszentrum Siebenbürgerstrasse, and K1.
Residents can enjoy several nearby historical monuments, including ehem. Schloss Hirschstetten, Hl.-Johannes-Nepomuk-Statue, Pegelhaus Reichsbrücke, and Anna Freud Brunnen can be reached within a 10-minute drive of the residences. Burgtheater, Austria's oldest theatre, and Museums Quartier Wien are situated within a 20-minute drive.
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