Set among forests and mountains of Lower Austria, the cozy estate of Jagdhotel is the perfect residence for both nature and adventure lovers.
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Jagdhotel in Lower Austria

The manor house of Jagdhotel was originally built in 1954 in one of the most picturesque regions of Lower Austria. Surrounded by lush greenery, Jagdhotel features twelve guestrooms, three holiday apartments and an owner’s apartment. Therefore, this estate can be used as a personal residence or a commercial property for long-term profit.
The cozy guest rooms in Jagdhotel are beautifully furnished and equipped with all the essential appliances needed for a comfortable stay. Each residence features its own bathroom and five guest rooms offer a private balcony that overlooks the spectacular scenery. The owner’s apartment has recently been renovated and refurbished, and comprises a living room, a spacious kitchen and four bedrooms,. The main feature of the master bedroom is a beautiful tiled fireplace that will bring a warm, cozy feeling in the cold winter months. Additionally there is an office featuring another fireplace located on the top floor.

Features of the Apartments

The total area of this magnificent project is 6,191 sq. m, while its living space covers about 872 sq.m. Located in the Ötscher area, Jagdhotel is ever popular among tourists, hunters, skiers and hikers. The four-star hotel offers views of the majestic forests and the stunning mountain peak of Friesling.
The owner of Jagdhotel will benefit from the following recreation and leisure facilities:
  • large living room with an open fireplace
  • wellness area with sauna and steam room
  • fitness room
  • table tennis room
  • TV room
  • garden with a playground
  • outdoor swimming pool
  • horse stables
  • whirlpool
  • hunting ground on lease

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Jagdhotel is located in St. Georgen am Reith

St. Georgen am Reith, the district of Amstetten in the southwestern quarter of Lower Austria. The plot lies along the branch of river Ybbs with 70% of the vicinity forested. St. Georgen am Reith stretches over an area of 41.7 sq. km and has about 560 residents. The area neighbours the following communities: Hollenstein, Opponitz, Ybbsitz and Lunz am See. The town contains two churches (Catholic and Protestant), the inn Breitenberg and the eatery Gulaschwirtin Prosini. The main attraction of St. Georgen am Reith is the Parish Church of St. Georgen am Reith.
The closest airports are:
  • Linz Airport – 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Graz Airport and Vienna Airport – slightly over 2 hours
  • Salzburg Airport – 2 hours 30 minutes
The closest cities are:
  • Göstling an der Ybbs and Opponitz – 10 minutes
  • Lunz am See and Hollenstein an der Ybbs – 20 minutes
  • Gaflenz – 30 minutes


The natural surroundings of the Jagdhotel offers a wide range of recreation activities. In the summer these include hunting, fishing, hiking and mountain biking as well as paragliding.
Skilift Riesenlehen
In winter, the Skilift Riesenlehen is a must-visit destination for a family day out. The lift, which is 440 m long, glides its visitors up the mountain and is perfect for beginners of any age. As for more experienced enthusiasts, club races are also held here as well.
Lunz am See mountaineering village
Lunz Am See, a cultural and mountaineering village, lies in close proximity to Sankt Georgen am Reith. Visitors are welcome to enjoy themed trails and guided tours of the Durrenstein Wilderness area and Rothschild Castle. Besides hiking routes, Lunz Am See is home to the only natural lake in Lower Austria. Once it freezes in winter, Lunzer See Lake becomes a magical ice rink.
The popular town of Königsberg is 30 minutes away and offers skiing, snowboarding and hiking areas as well as a new bike park. Alongside downhill biking, Bike Park Königsberg has a playground and free-ride routes. Königsberg features six tow lifts and 14 kms of beautiful ski slopes which are all suitable for any level or experience. Visitors of this small town can spend quality time fishing, horse-riding, snowshoeing, ice skating and tobogganing.
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