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Type of use:

Situation assessment:

Noise level:


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Land registration fee: 1.1 %
Land transfer tax: 3,5
Commission: 3% of the purchase price plus 20% VAT
33,544 m²

Residential, commercial

Very well

Absolute quiet location

In need of renovation

The property is located in 2274 Rabensburg, Castle 1.
It is building land residential area (BW) consisting of the plots 2 with 1.029 m2, 3 with 1.270 m2, 4/1 with 13.860 m2, 5/1 with 15.363 m2, 6 with 1.060 m2, and 7 with 962 m2, so a total area of 33.544 m2.
Of these, building area is 2,944 m2, building area is 198 m2, building area is gardens 2,022 m2, building area is other (recreational areas) 28,380 m2.
The front street frontage and rear property boundary has a length of approx. 25 m, the two side frontages have a length of 39.50 m each.
The building plot in its entirety has the shape of a not quite regular rectangle, it is level running.
The plot is in the boundary cadastre, so the boundaries and size are boundary negotiated and legally secured.
The plot is surrounded by neighboring plots with houses, as well as the bypass road around the castle and the church square in front of it.
The entire infrastructure (grocery stores, post office, banks, doctors, pharmacy, schools, sports facilities, as well as larger businesses) are not too far away, and accessible on foot or by car - the property is located right in the center. There is a regular bus connection to the surrounding neighboring communities (Hohenau an der March) and to the larger towns of Mistelbach and Gänserndorf. There is a bus connection to Vienna every 30 minutes. By car it takes about an hour to get to Vienna via the B49 or A5, to Bratislava (Slovakia) it takes about an hour. As a train connection to Vienna there is the Nordbahn. An insider tip is the Bernstein road, which is very little frequented. Rabensburg is located close to the Czech and Slovak borders, so a quick access to Brezlav/Lundenburg with all its historical sights and also shopping facilities is only a few minutes drive away.
Both airports Schwechat and Bratislava are about three quarters of an hour away.
Rabensburg is located in the Weinviertel region on the state border with the Czech Republic, which is formed by the river Thaya. The area of the market town covers 20.08 square kilometers. 4.23 percent of the area is forested.
There are no other cadastral communities except Rabensburg. (Bezirk Mistelbach) Non-agricultural workplaces existed in 2001 21, agricultural and forestry farms according to the 1999 survey 20. The number of employed persons at the place of residence was 421 according to the 2001 census. The employment rate was 39.05 percent in 2001.

85km from Vienna
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