Evgeny Pilnikov

CEO of Luxury Immobilien GmbH with over 5 years of experience in the international premium real estate market
Evgeny became interested in real estate 20 years ago from attending numerous auctions and purchasing investment properties. At present he is also a successful entrepreneur in the field of trade, as the experience of running his own business enabled him to become an expert in the specifics of the real estate investment market and nuances of international communications.

Evgeny's vision for the further development of Luxury Immobilien GmbH is taking an innovative approach to all parts of the business, with a focus on strong and high-quality marketing strategies, well-coordinated teamwork, as well as an individual, personalised approach to each client.

Evgeny's main goal is to make Luxury Immobilien GmbH a leader in the Austrian real estate market.

Language fluency: English, German and Russian.
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Evgeny Pilnikov,
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