TOP-3 Historical Sights in Vienna

Besides the developed infrastructure the city is famous for its historic cultural heritage

Posted on 10.01.2019
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TOP-3 Historical Sights in Vienna
If you buy an apartment in Vienna, it means you have chosen the comfortable present and secured future life for your family. Besides the developed infrastructure the city is famous for its historic cultural heritage. Here are some world famous sights of Vienna:
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It is a magnificent Baroque palace in the third district of Vienna. In was constructed in 1714 and was the residential palace of Prince Eugen of Savoy – the successful general and art connoisseur. Nowadays there is a permanent exhibition of Austrian art in this palace. The beautiful gardens of Belvedere and splendid architecture of the Palaces – Upper and Lower Belvedere attract here thousands and thousands of tourists every year.
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St. Stephen's Cathedral

St. Stephen's Cathedral is a unique piece of architecture , it is a symbol of Vienna. This cathedral is right in the heart of the city in one of the main squares called Stephansplatz. The visitors can see numerous treasures of the Cathedral, such as relics decorated with gold, altars and chapels, liturgical texts and books. St. Stephen's Cathedral fascinates with its architecture, decoration elements and special atmosphere inside, moreover you can see and enjoy the sound of the organ that is the biggest one in Austria.
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Vienna State Opera

Coming inside one of the best world opera houses first thing one should do is to look up and admire the magnificently decorated ceiling. The Vienna State Opera was constructed in 1863-1869 and is a splendid piece of architecture of Neo-Renaissance style. This Opera House is famous not only for its opera and ballet performances but also for the Vienna Opera Ball, the world's most famous ballroom – it is an internationally renowned event and a historical tradition. Vienna State Opera is a must-visit place in Vienna.

Life in Vienna is simply fabulous! There are so many places to visit and enjoy! In case you would be interested in real estate in Austria please feel free to contact the specialists of Luxury Vienna. They will provide you with the detailed information on every kind of property in Vienna as well as help you to meet with the Austrian customs and traditions.
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