Our company Luxury Immobilien GmbH offers you a full range of real estate services.

Why choose us to sell your property?

The marketing department of Luxury Immobilien GmbH is renowned for its innovative approach, taking into account the current situation of the real estate market. Our multi-stage advertising campaigns will catch the attention of a large number of potential buyers to your property. We are well versed in the preparation of outdoor advertising, as well as taking photos and making videos of various property types to cater to different markets. In addition, we provide assistance with the registration of the property sale, obtaining the required documents and setting the property value. Our large client base is a direct testament to the high quality of services provided by Luxury Immobilien GmbH.

We are well versed:

  • in the preparation of outdoor advertising
  • taking photos and making videos of various property types to cater to different markets
  • providing assistance with the registration of the property sale, obtaining the required documents
  • setting the property value.

Why choose us for acquiring real estate?

Luxury Immobilien GmbH boasts an extensive portfolio of both primary and secondary real estate. Cooperation with leading developers in Austria allows the agents of our company to offer a wide choice of properties, taking into account the clients’ preferences regarding the property, as well as to find profitable offers and options. Our specialists are available 24/7 and are always ready to give professional advice on documentation, financing and lending.
Highly qualified agents of Luxury Immobilien GmbH are fluent in many different languages that will help achieve maximum efficiency and communication.

The central points of our team are:

  • individual approach
  • VIP service
  • safety
  • confidentiality.

Why choose us to rent a property?

We have a generous portfolio with the best properties to rent for all types of needs and financial capabilities.
All you need to do is to inform us of your requirements and search criteria, and our specialists will select the best options for you as soon as possible.
Experienced brokers of our company will be able to conclude an agreement on the most favorable terms for you. We are also available at any time and our personalized, committed approach will surprise even the most discerning tenant. At the same time, competent legal support is an integral part of any transaction and can be completed through our agency.

Why choose us for deals on commercial real estate?

Our specialists provide individual support and the most detailed information regarding the selection of commercial real estate, whether it is a sale of a warehouse or an office rental.

The Luxury Immobilien GmbH company cooperates with the best developers in Austria, known for their many years of experience and high quality of work. Thanks to our individual approach, we will be able to select the most suitable property that best fits with your expectations.

During the transaction, our lawyers carefully check all the documentation, guaranteeing transparency through the entire process. Our clients are also given the opportunity to choose the financing method that will provide them with the most benefits.

Why choose us for legal services?

Our company Luxury Immobilien GmbH is known for its high expertise in the legal processing of real estate transactions of any complexity.
We provide support, assistance and advice on all cases, taking into account the legal peculiarities of Austria.

Our experts work seven days a week and are ready to consider your issues at any time of the day. The company's lawyers offer full support for real estate transactions and competent processing at any stage. Our clients can also avail the highest standard of services for obtaining a residence permit and company registration in Austria.

Why choose us for financing advice?

Our company specializes in financing and is able to choose the best strategy for each client in accordance with their budget and requirements.
We will inform you of the benefits and risks associated with different lending methods as well as current interest rates. Our specialists will provide favorable conditions for your loan in order to avoid any financial risks. The team of experienced investment professionals are ready to offer outstanding consulting services 24/7.

Why choose us to design your property?

With rich experience in different types of real estate, our company develops exclusive interiors, taking into account all the requirements of the client.
The specialists at Luxury Immobilien GmbH also prepare 3D visualizations, which allow you to see the smallest details of your future interior. In addition, we create a design that takes into account the budget of the client for the implementation of the project, without going beyond the estimated costs.
Our experienced designers will take on the responsibility of selecting and purchasing high-quality and functional furniture from the best manufacturers on the most favorable terms. We also provide a renovation control service, which will help identify all defects in a timely manner and avoid additional expenses.
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