The real estate agency, Luxury Immobilien GmbH, honoured with the Luxury Lifestyle Awards

The real estate agency, Luxury Immobilien GmbH, has been awarded the global Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the category of Best Luxury Real Estate Consultancy in Austria.
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PUBLISHED 10.09.2023
Luxury Immobilien GmbH has been recognised as the best agency in Austria for premium real estate services. It received the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in the Best Luxury Real Estate Consultancy category.

The Luxury Lifestyle Awards are designed to honour outstanding achievements in various industries. The goal of this award is to present the best examples of luxury to the people.

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The expert panel at Luxury Lifestyle Awards analysed more than 5,000 goods and services in over 400 categories in 120 regions of the world. The nominees are selected based on various criteria: reputation, good customer reviews, individual approach, brand recognition, unique offers and more.

CHANEL, Tiffany & Co, Hilton, and Ferrari are just a few of the global brand winners, not to mention the smaller, local brand winners. What unites them all is their commitment to excellence, unrivalled quality of goods and services, and unwavering ability to meet the needs of the most discerning and high-profile clients.
Companies that are bestowed an award receive a certificate and the ‘Golden Crown’, a bejewelled art piece that symbolises exclusivity and luxury.

Luxury Immobilien GmbH offers the full range of services in the Austrian real estate market. These involve all aspects related to buying, selling and renting residential and commercial real estate. The agency provides legal support and consultation in five languages: German, English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian. Other services Luxury Immobilien GmbH offers include assistance in obtaining a residence permit, applying for a mortgage and interior design.
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