Services for developers

Our company, Luxury Immobilien GmbH is ready to offer an extensive range of services for developers of residential projects in Austria.

Market analysis and target audience optimization

The team of highly-skilled specialists at Luxury Immobilien GmbH will provide you with all the necessary information from analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of your project.

Our employees will determine:
  • the potential cost of selling and renting real estate;
  • as well as the marginal purchasing power of potential customers;
  • the advantages of the location of the residential complex.

In addition, our experts will help you in identifying and expanding the target audience of buyers and tenants for your property.

Planning consultation

The main purpose of the planning consultation is to get an in-depth understanding of the project, drawing up the building’s design, and working out the key stages of construction and promotion of the complex.
Our company, Luxury Immobilien GmbH cooperates with leading contractors with an impeccable business reputation, which will allow us to develop your project as practically and efficiently as possible.

Access to the client base

Our team of specialists will help you in planning and implementing your marketing strategy, as well as attracting interested buyers.

The advantage of working with us is to gain access to data of pre-registered customers and the search profile in our database.

Creating a commercial offer

Our experienced employees will create a unique purchase offer for you, which will not only attract additional investors, but also facilitate the process of selling the property.

Formation and promotion of an advertising campaign

Luxury Immobilien GmbH will develop and implement the most suitable advertising campaign for your project.
We will provide you with advertisements and a marketing strategy that fully corresponds to the concept of the future building.

Creating a project home page

You will be able to get a greater response from your target audience, as well as increase the prestige and brand awareness, from the creation of an additional online platform. This offer is especially relevant for large communities and exclusive buildings, which offer luxury designer real estate.

3D visualization

Our designers will assist you in creating a high-quality 3D visualization of the project, which allows us to conduct virtual tours and attract foreign investors more effectively.
3D visualizations are well suited for both print media and online advertising, and allow you to increase the prestige and quality of real estate in the eyes of potential buyers.

Design services

Our employees will assist you in the interior design of your project by selecting and implementing the best design solutions for you, using first-class materials and components of the highest quality.

Our company also provides a number of additional services, such as:

HD photos and aerial photos

Aerial photographs of the project are particularly in high demand and the photographers of Luxury Immobilien GmbH have first-class equipment and modern drones that will create high-quality images of the real estate from a bird's-eye view.

Creating billboards and banners

Using billboards together with online promotions will increase your brand awareness and attract the target audience of the project, which will have a positive effect on sales promotion.

Logo and corporate design

Creating a unique logo that distinguishes the company from competitors is a prerequisite for brand promotion. Our experienced specialists will help you in choosing a name, creating a unique corporate and stylish design for the company or a specific project, which will make it exclusive compared to any other projects already presented on the market.
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