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Most of the district is inhabited by immigrants from Eastern Europe and Asia. The offices of many companies and industrial enterprises are located here. In recent years, the area is actively growing new construction.

The Landstraße district is located in the southeastern center of Vienna and covers an area of 7.42 km² or 1.8% of the city. It is located along several Danube terraces, where the Danube Canal forms the eastern border, and the Vienna River forms the north-western border. In the east, the Landstrasse border begins with the gardens of the Belvedere Palace and extends along railway lines running to the south from the Hauptbahnhof station.

Since it is one of the central districts of the Austrian capital, it is distinguished by a combination of a huge number of historical attractions, green and pedestrian zones, residential buildings and offices. A significant part of the Landstrasse is occupied by the so-called Diplomatic Quarter, which houses more than 30 diplomatic missions and embassies of different countries.



  • penthouse
  • off plan
EUR 1 485 000
  • ceilings 4.2 m
  • swimming pool
  • +12
Innere Stadt


2 bedrooms
1,515 m2
3 baths
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Landstrasse is a densely populated area of the city and according to statistics, the number of its inhabitants has increased significantly in recent years. This has affected the real estate market, creating demand for residential premises.

Now per inhabitant of the 3rd district there is an average of 42 m² of living space. Currently, more than 3,900 buildings are located in the Landstrasse, of which more than 10% were built after 1991. At the same time, the district continues to develop, offering new plots suitable for construction.

The cost per square meter of housing in the primary market is from 5,300 euros, in the secondary - from 3,800 euros.

From an economic point of view of buying property, it is worth considering the northern part of Landstrasse adjacent to the 1st district (Innere Stadt) or the beginning of the 4th district.

This is the city's diplomatic quarter, located near Schwarzenbergplatz, the city park and the Belvedere garden are also nearby. Also, areas around the Rochusmarkt market are popular among investors. Over the past quarter, Vienna's residential property price index rose 0.87% over the previous quarter. The average income from rental property in the 3rd district is from 2.46% to 5% per year.


Landstraße is one of Vienna's best connected areas with a direct express train (S7) from Vienna Airport that stops at the Landstrasse station.Landstraße is one of Vienna's best connected areas with a direct express train (S7) from Vienna Airport that stops at the Landstrasse station.

Other Stammstrecke S-Bahn stations include the Belvedere and Rennweg Quarter, located in two opposite corners of the Belvedere Gardens. Station St. Marx on the main line to the airport is also located in the area, but not particularly close to any attractions.

The 3rd district is one of the busiest areas of the city with a developed transport infrastructure.

Vienna's largest transportation hub is located here - a railway station with the Wien Mitte shopping center (two metro lines (U3 and U4), electric trains, regional trains and SAT aeroexpress). From here you can easily get to any end of the city within 20 minutes.

Wien Mitte is a busy suburban trains and metro station, but the only intercity trains that stop here are trains to Salzburg and Linz


Landstrasse is the historical district of Vienna, rich in numerous attractions and architectural monuments, which ensures a stable tourist flow throughout the year.

Among them are the Vienna Concert Hall, Landstraßer Hauptstraße, the Academic Theater, the Hundertwasser houses, Schwarzenberg Palace, Vienna City Park and many others.

The oldest preserved natural monument of Vienna is the thousand-year yew, which is located in the area on 12 Rennweg Street, and according to legend, it comes from a yew grove of Roman times.


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