federated states of Austria
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As we have already mentioned, Vienna is the capital of Austria and serves as an autonomous federal province.
Famed for its scenic landscapes and charming folk traditions, Tyrol is the third largest state and fifth largest by population in the Republic of Austria.
Lower Austria is one of the most popular destinations in the country of Austria, among both tourists and expats.в. Lower Austria is the largest federal state in the country.
Lower Austria
Burgenland is the "youngest" of Austria's federal states, which is located on the border with Hungary and ranks second after Lower Austria in terms of its vineyard area (13,840 hectares) and the volume of wine produced in the country.
Styria is a federal land in the south-east of Austria. There are a lot of historic and cultural landmarks here, which attract a large number of tourists all year round.
Carinthia is one of the Austrian federal states that has gained popularity among tourists and expats in recent years.
The federal land of Salzburg is a popular tourist region in Austria as over 7 million tourists visit the state every year.
Vorarlberg is one of the nine Austrian federal states, where visitors can find a great number of museums, as well as natural beauty spots including lakes, mountains and valleys.
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