History of occurrence, main attractions, economic attractiveness. Winemaking, medical tourism and medical resorts of Floridsdorf.

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Floridsdorf is the 21st district of Vienna, located in the northern part of the city, on the eastern bank of the Danube River.

It consists of seven formerly independent communities: Floridsdorf, Donaufeld, Greater Jedlersdorf, Jedlesee, Leopoldau, Stammersdorf, and Strebersdorf. Initially, these were small rural settlements, which were then united in one district and became part of the Austrian capital. Today Floridsdorf is known as the wine region of Vienna.

The area offers a wide selection of relatively cheap real estate, the owners of which can easily combine the features of urban and suburban life, due to the proximity to the center and the green suburb of Niedersterreich.

There are both modern apartment complexes and traditional houses of the early 19th century.

This area of the city is best known not for its attractions, but for its beautiful landscapes and proximity to nature, the apartments here are valued precisely for the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery and walk in nature, barely leaving home. At the same time, the district has excellent transport accessibility - you can get to the center of Vienna in several minutes.



  • penthouse
  • off plan
EUR 1 485 000
  • ceilings 4.2 m
  • swimming pool
  • +12
Innere Stadt


2 bedrooms
1,515 m2
3 baths
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Floridsdorf will appeal to lovers of nature and wine: here the popular Bisamberg relaxation area is located, where oak-mixed forests and vineyards grow.

Several large-scale projects were implemented here, including the Großfeldsiedlung neighborhood of 10 thousand apartments, which began to be built up in the 1960s. The area also has many buildings built in the 1970s and 80s. Older buildings are located in the Stammersdorf and Strebersdorf neighborhoods. There are also subsidized housing and townhouses near the border of the city.

Housing prices are currently relatively low in comparison with the central districts, but there is some growth, and according to forecasts it will continue in the future, as the district continues it's development. Today, the price per square meter here starts at 1,650 euros. There are relatively few foreigners in Floridsdorf (about 17%).


Located on the left bank of the Danube, Floridsdorf is the northernmost district of the city and the second largest after Donaustadt. This area, located on the outskirts, is not as busy with transport as the central areas.

Nevertheless, it is safe to say that the district has excellent transport links: two metro lines pass here: U6 and U1, as well as a branch of high-speed electric trains (S-Bahn). In addition, bus routes 10A, 11A, 20A, 29A, 33A, 5A lead here. The city center can be reached in just 20 minutes.

This area is primarily known for its natural attractions: there are many parks, vineyards and green areas, as well as an excellent view of the Danube and the opportunity to swim there in the summer season.

Here is a list of the main places to see in Floridsdorf:

- Tora-San Park is a picturesque park made in the style of the Japanese garden. The park was created by Japanese designers as a symbol of Austrian-Japanese friendship.
- Floridsdorfer Waterpark - a beautiful park in the 21st district of Vienna, Floridsdorf, it was created from 1928 to 1929 and has an area of 143,000 m², around a third therefrom water surfaces.
- The Danube Tower is the tallest building in Austria, the height of the tower itself is 252 meters, and the open observation terrace is located at an altitude of 150 meters.


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