How much does real estate in Austria cost?

Real estate prices in Vienna, Austria. How to buy an apartment and why it is profitable. Features of investing in real estate in Austria. How much does an apartment cost in the capital and other cities? What property is currently being sold. Why choose this country to live in.

March 24, 2019

Property prices in Austria

Being a country with rich history and impressive present, Austria became popular and attractive place for living. The number of people who wish to move in or invest in Austria is growing each year. Vienna, Salzburg and other capital cities of the states offer the most prestige apartments in Austria, as well as the most profitable investment opportunities due to constant increase of both secondary and primary property prices and 3% ROI.

Why choose Austria

Austria is a federal republic made up of nine states including Vienna, Salzburg, Carinthia, Styria, Burgenland, Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Lower Austria and Upper Austria. It is a well-developed country with strong, stable economy and top-level healthcare. Moreover, the country features high level of living comfort, clean air, parks, fine transport infrastructure and close proximity to other European countries. Surrounded by the Alps, Austria has great views of beautiful nature landscapes. Each state is different from others and has a unique nature, culture and landmarks. Austria is all about comfort and security. It is completely safe to live and have family here and it is also a perfect place to start a career or your own business. Austria is a land for a quality living where anyone can find their place.

What you need to know before buying property of Austria:

  1. Prices from EUR 1,800 to EUR 13,000 per m² (depends on location)
  2. Up to 25-year mortgages at 2% and above
  3. Registration of a legal entity in one and a half month
  4. Simple and transparent community charge system
  5. One-year residence permit issue with renewal option
  6. Chance to get citizenship after five years of residence
  7. Land transfer tax is 3.5%
  8. 3% ROI

Austrian property prices

Austria has one of the most reliable and stable real estate markets in the world. If you have ever been thinking about buying property in Vienna or other city whether for personal use, a family or business, there is one thing you can be sure about – Austria is an investment in the future. Buying property in Vienna or any other city of Austria provides you and your family with upscaled living and one the world's best education for your children.

What are the advantages of Vienna

Vienna offers the most demanded property with the highest ROI an Austria. The city has many advantages such as well-developed transport infrastructure, a great culture and wonderful architecture. You can get high-class living at affordable price. Companies from all over the world are tend to choose Austria, especially Vienna for it has stable market and strong economy. Thanks to advantageous, central location of Vienna in Europe, one is able to set up distribution channels and to hire high-skilled specialists from Hungary, Czech Republic and Germany.

Many people consider Vienna a center of high-quality education. With advanced curricula and excellent conditions for international students, Vienna is also features fine healthcare system, safe environment, lots of cultural heritage sites and various tourist attractions.

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Vienna property prices

Vienna is composed of 23 named districts which are numbered for easy reference. All the districts are linked together via public transport such as subway, bus, tramway and shuttle train. One is able to buy property in any district of Vienna considering preferable location. Let's have a look at some available options in Luxury Immobilien property catalogue.

Am Werdertor

  • Location: the old town and the 1st District of Vienna
  • Price: from EUR 650 per sq. ft

Am Werdertor is a luxury living compound featuring its own spa and fitness-centers, swimming pools, top-class service and amenities. Located at the old town of Vienna, the compound is surrounded by beautiful, old streets, traditional architecture and park. Am Werdertor offers spacious apartments and modern penthouses. Buying property in Vienna could become a profitable investment.

Werder Six

  • Location: the old town of Vienna
  • Price: from EUR 632 per sq. ft

Located amongst beautiful streets, luxury brand boutiques, city parks and cozy cafés Werder Six offers fifty apartments with very high return on investment. Every Werder Six apartment has balcony and loggia facing the courtyard. With up to 12 feet high ceilings, apartments feature impressive interior design that creates a unique atmosphere and brings comfort. If you wish to buy an apartment in Vienna primary property sector, Werder Six might be a perfect choice.

The Ambassy Parkside Living

  • Location: Beatrixgasse, Vienna
  • Price: from EUR 576 per sq. ft

The Ambassy Parkside Living is situated in the stunning surroundings of Stadtpark and City Hall Park. It is close to Ringstrasse which is famous for its historic buildings and renowned international hotels. It takes a walking distance to get to Vienna downtown. If you seek high level of comfort and luxury living or if you would like to buy property in Austria, visit Luxury Immobilien. Our specialists will be glad to help you with any question about Vienna apartments prices and advantages of buying property in Austria.

Have a look at other Vienna real estate available for sale on our web-site

Luxury Immobilien

We provide assistance in buying and selling real estate in Austria of following types:

  1. Apartments. A wide choice of secondary and off-plan property.
  2. Penthouses. An impressive catalogue of luxury penthouses.
  3. Holiday houses. A variety of available options in Vienna.
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