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The 22nd district is popular due to its low-rise buildings, a large amount of greenery, quietness, the presence of parks and recreation areas, as well as the proximity of the Danube.

Most of the district is inhabited by local people,majority of whom are the young families with a stable income. Foreigners living there are only 14 %.

Donaustadt, the 22nd district of Vienna, is located in the northeastern part of the city and is the largest of the districts by area, which takes about one-quarter of Vienna, 102.24 square kilometres. The district has a large part to the west of the Danube, Danube Island and Old Danube.

Donaustadt seems to be cut off from the main city through the Danube, which allows it to stay calm away from the tourist bustle. More than 55 % of the territory is covered with greenery, which is 30 percent of all green spaces in Vienna.

Donaustadt is home to the Vienna International Center, which is the campus and building complex hosting the United Nations Office at Vienna, high-rise offices and residential buildings.



  • penthouse
  • off plan
EUR 1 485 000
  • ceilings 4.2 m
  • swimming pool
  • +12
Innere Stadt


2 bedrooms
1,515 m2
3 baths
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Donaustadt is generally well-known for being a very affordable residential district, where only native inhabitants of Vienna prefer to live. The 22nd District has a population over 180 000 and due to this fact it is the district with the second largest population in Vienna. Nevertheless, the district is still not over-populated.

One of the largest urban development projects in Europe, The Seestadt Aspern, is being implemented in this area. The project includes apartments, offices, and retail space.

It will be a new urban centre that takes a shape city-within-a-city and combines high quality of life and economic progress. The completion date is expected to be in 2028, and it is going to be home for 20 000 residents and, eventually, with an equal number of workplaces.

Donaustadt is highly recommended for those who buy apartments for rent as promising (in terms of population growth) and populated by Austrians, usually young families, who have a stable income and rent housing without state subsidies.


Donaustadt is not only the largest district in Vienna but also the youngest one. It became part of the capital only after The Second World War. So the 22nd district is not that rich for different historical monuments compared to central Vienna but still can offer a lot of different ways to spend time and enjoy life. Everyone can easily find something for their taste.

Some parts of this area provide visitors with big green parks and others can offer all the delights of modern big city life.

The most modern and well-developed part of Donaustadt is called Kagran, there you can find the Vienna International Centre (also called UNO City), the Austria Centre. Donau Zentrum which is Vienna's largest shopping mall with more than 260 shops for fashion, beauty, lifestyle, dining and many more is also located in Kagran.

The vast range of products and brands attracts around 18 million visitors per year. The shopping center is well-known around Europe as a fashion destination for new and unique brands that arrive regularly and exclusively at Donau Zentrum.

Close to Kagran there are the major nightlife areas of Copa Cagrana and Sunken City which offer a rich variety of restaurants, bars and nightclubs.


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