A total of 7 new destinations were added to Austrian Airlines' range of routes

Austrian Airlines, the Austrian subsidiary of Lufthansa, has introduced new routes and destinations for summer 2023, adding to its range of nearly 120 destinations and over 1,200 weekly flights. That being said, Porto (Portugal), Marseille (France), Billund (Denmark) and Tivat (Montenegro) come as entirely new directions in the schedule. These routes are operated up to 3 times weekly, departing from the capital.
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PUBLISHED 11.11.2022
Palermo (Italy), which was also offered on a seasonal basis beforehand, has been added to the summer flight schedule. Not forgetting the route to Vilnius (Lithuania), which operated through Austrian Airlines before the COVID-19 pandemic, will be restarted. Both of these flights will be operated 3 times a week. On top of that, flights to Tromsø (Norway) will take off once a week between June-August.

As a result of its strong financial position, Austrian Airlines launched a range of discounted flights to its customers. This is part of a "thank you campaign", as the airline could pay a government-backed loan granted in 2020 early, which is attributed to a Lufthansa credit line and good liquidity development.

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Austrian Airlines CCO Michael Trestl said:

"Without the support of Austria, we would not have been able to fly through these difficult times. So now it is time to say thank you. That’s why we are offering tickets with up to 25 percent off to a total of 30 destinations, including destinations of the new summer flight schedule."

The campaign applies to all new bookings in terms of the Economy Light fare until November 20th, between the travel period from November 7th to June 30th, 2023. For instance, the starting cost for new destinations is set at EUR 127. All further details are available on the Austrian Airlines website.

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