City Park Vienna is nearing completion

The logistics park, City Park Vienna, in the 23rd district of Vienna, is at the final stage of construction. It will be completed in 2024.
PUBLISHED 06.10.2023
Nestled in the 23rd district of Vienna, City Park Vienna has reached the final construction stage and is planned to be ready in 2024. Once finished, the park will be surrounded by more than 1,000 trees, in accordance with the ongoing sustainability trend. The project is being developed by Go Asset.

City Park Vienna will house more than 20 companies, including booksellers and car repair shops. In total, there will be over 800 employees.

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The three phases of the development, which will be completed in 2024, will offer 40,000 sq. m of rentable space. It is worth noting that this area is categorised as a light industrial space. This means that warehouses are rented together with offices, which is rare to find in Austria.

The offices in City Park Vienna cost EUR 13.25 per sq. m. The warehouses are priced at EUR 7.25 per sq. m.
City Park Vienna has convenient transport connectivity. Within walking distance is a metro station and multiple bus stops.

The development is Austria's first warehouse with 100% eco-friendly energy supply. It is heated and cooled by heat pumps and geothermal probes. Also, the roofs will have photovoltaic systems or greenery.

Logistics real estate, particularly in central areas, is highly popular at the moment. And amidst the growth of online trading, the demand will surpass the supply for A-grade properties in a good area and at a size of 1,000 sq. m or more.
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