Food prices

A family of three, consisting of two adults and a child, can expect to pay approximately EUR 800-1000 per month on the cost of food in Vienna. It is possible to reduce that amount by 30-40 % by being savvy: for example, buying groceries on sale, getting fruits and vegetables at markets outside of the city centre, and so on. The average bill at a restaurant for two people is EUR 60, whereas for a family of three it is closer to EUR 75-80. More budget-friendly options would be to go to canteens or fast-food restaurants as the average cost for a bite to eat there for a family of three is around EUR 20-25.

June 29, 2023

Where to buy groceries in Vienna

The widest selection of groceries can be found in supermarkets such as Billa, Hofer, Lidl, Spar and Metro. Many of these shops, including Billa and Hofer, now offer in-person and online shopping. Billa charges approximately EUR 1,9-4,9 for grocery delivery, however, it is possible to save some money on delivery by getting a monthly subscription for this service.

Vienna also has supermarkets that are fully online, the most popular of which is Gurkerl. The minimum online order amount here is EUR 49, although purchases of EUR 99 or more come with free delivery right to your home.

High-end groceries, such as gourmet snacks, cheeses, wines, etc. can be found at Spar Gourmet or Billa Plus. The luxury grocer INTERSPAR offers all types of delicacies that can be ordered online. Delivery costs EUR 6,9 and orders over EUR 100 are delivered free of charge.

Farmer’s goods, including fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, etc., can be found at farmer’s markets and small, specialised shops. Imported and exotic goods from Africa, Latin America, Greece, Poland, and Turkey are sold in authentic-styled shops: Lili Markt, Casa Mexico, LaGrèce, Nakwon, and more.

If you prefer ready-made food, you can order it for delivery from a huge assortment of restaurants offering cuisines from all over the world. Order whatever you please: burgers, pizza, turkish food, asian dishes, salads, vegetarian meals, and so on.


As of June 2023, the average prices of various food items at a supermarket in Vienna are:

Grocery Item Cost in EUR
Milk (1 litre) 1,40
Bread (500 g) 2
Pasta (1 kg) 2
Sugar (1 kg) 1,50
Eggs (10 count) 3,40
Cheese (1 kg) 12
Chicken breast (1 kg) 11
Potatoes (1 kg) 1,60
Butter (1 package) 3
The average adult can expect to spend no less than EUR 350 a month on groceries, and around EUR 200 per child. A family of three will spend roughly EUR 800-1000 a month on food.

Farmer’s markets

Food prices at farmer’s markets don’t vary significantly from supermarkets, but it is still more likely that you can save money there. At a small market located outside the centre of Vienna, you can expect to see prices as much as 30-50 % lower than in the city. The main advantage of Viennese farmer’s markets is the huge assortment of fresh farm and organic goods: garden-fresh fruits and vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, cheese, and more.

The biggest and most popular farmer’s market in Vienna is Naschmarkt. It is located in the 6th District of Mariahilf, on the border of the central Innere Stadt. Not only are Austrian goods sold here, but a variety of things from Greece, Turkey, the Balkan countries, Japan and China. Other well-known markets include Rochusmarkt, with its vast assortment of cheeses, Brunnenmarkt, an oriental bazaar, as well as Kutschkermarkt, Karmelitermarkt and more.

Food delivery

It is possible to order take-out food from cafes and restaurants, in addition to groceries for delivery. The most popular food delivery services include:

  1. You can order on their website or through the mobile app. Delivery is available in most districts of Vienna, including Innere Stadt, Leopoldstadt, Mariahilf, Neubau, Hernals, Donaustadt, Penzig, Flughafen. Simply enter your address and the service will provide you with menus from nearby F&B establishments and shops. It is currently available in eight languages.
  2. Foodora. This service works in more or less the same way as Orders can be placed in two languages - German and English.

Yet another popular option is HelloFresh delivery, a German company. This service provides you with all the ingredients needed in order to prepare a fresh meal at home, without all the hassle. Indicate your taste preferences, the number of people, and any other necessary information and place your order.

Note: The cost of delivery depends on each shop or restaurant's own rates. The average cost is EUR 1-6. Some establishments offer free delivery.

Street food and fast-food

Vienna has a wide variety of street food available. At various snack stands and kiosks you can find traditional Austrian dishes, such as Vienna sausages or schnitzel and bun, as well as pizza, hot dogs, kebabs, and much more. McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and Chipotle Mexican Grill fast-food restaurants can also be found here. For these snack foods, a family of three will pay about EUR 20-25.

The cost of these popular street foods and fast-food restaurants are:

Name Price in EUR
Vienna sausage (Würstel) 3,5–5,5
Ham rolls (Leberkässemmel) 4
Schnitzel and bun (Schnitzelsemmel) 5
Roasted chestnuts (Maroni) from 3
Kebab 4
Hot dog 4
Big Mac 5,5
Chicken McNuggets (9 count) 7

Cafes and restaurants

As of June 2023, lunch or dinner for two at a restaurant averages EUR 60, though prices can vary from EUR 50-100 on average. For a family of three, meals at a restaurant will run about EUR 80-90. A cup of espresso costs EUR 3, and a cappuccino is EUR 4,5.

Note: It is customary to tip about 10 % of the total amount of the bill at cafes and restaurants in Vienna.

Ways to save

Large supermarkets in Vienna regularly offer customers special deals and sales, for example, ‘1+1’ or ‘3 for the price of 2’. In order to save money, you will have to pay attention to when these deals are offered and stock up on sale items. You can find this information on their websites and on their mobile apps.

If you prefer to make larger purchases every week or two, then Metro is a good place to shop as it offers a variety of goods at optimal prices. It is possible to cut grocery costs here by 10-20 %.

Note: Vienna has very high quality tap water, so it is possible to drink straight from the tap, reducing the need to buy bottled water.

When it comes to farmer’s markets, it is best to choose ones that are located outside the city centre, as you can get the same quality of goods for cheaper than at markets in the centre. One of the most popular is Viktor-Adler-Markt, located in the 10th District of Favoriten, 15 minutes away from Innere Stadt by car or public transport. The prices here are nearly half those in the supermarkets or at Naschmarkt. It is also a good idea to go to the markets just before closing time in order to get big discounts from sellers.

If you prefer ready-made food, there is a budget-friendly option, Mensa, a chain of canteens. Regular customers receive discounts and bonuses here as well.

When choosing a cafe or restaurant to dine at, you can apply the same principle here as to shopping: further from the city centre will mean cheaper prices, in comparison to tourist areas where the prices can get incredibly high. Therefore, it is more affordable to go to places that are located further outside the city and away from tourist attractions. It is also possible to save money by ordering breakfast or lunch combos which is cheaper than ordering separate dishes. You should also consider the time of day you wish to dine out; evening meals are typically more expensive than mid-day meals.


The prices at supermarkets and farmer’s markets are nearly identical, however, with the right approach, you can save quite a lot on monthly grocery costs. Going to farmer’s markets further outside of the city centre will help cut costs as prices are often half those in the centre. As for supermarkets, you can cut costs here as well by keeping up with deals, sales, and discounts where you can save up to 30-50 %. Additional savings can be found by buying goods in bulk.

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