Top 8 restaurants in Vienna

8 best Austrian restaurants in Vienna: Steirereck, Labstelle, Konstantin Filippou etc.

November 24, 2021

Vienna's national cuisine is often called imperial, as it’s famous all over the world for its hearty and delicious dishes. For many hundreds of years, Austrian chefs have experimented and combined recipes from national dishes borrowed from the Czechs, Italians, Germans, Swiss, Turks and people from the Balkan countries.

This is why you can often come across similar recipes but will find it very difficult to pinpoint exactly where it comes from. The original culinary traditions were mostly mixed with foreign ones in the capital of the state of Vienna.

We have prepared a great guide of some of the most famous dishes in the Austrian capital, which you should definitely try when you visit. In addition, we have compiled a list of the best restaurants in Vienna, with details on their locations, opening hours, and the approximate average bill per visit for two people.

Features of the Austrian national cuisine

Austrian cuisine is centuries old and is an eccentric blend of national traditions influenced by its neighbouring countries. The country’s food is known to be very satisfying and quite varied, which has its own taste features and uses an abundance of ingredients. Many people associate its culinary side with Viennese cuisine, which is mainly famous for its Viennese schnitzels, strudel and charlotte, which are well known in many countries around the world. But it is worth noting that this concept is rather erroneous since Viennese cuisine is only a small part of the rich and saturated culinary culture of Austria.

The main distinguishing characteristic of Austrian cuisine is its tradition (locals believe that any dish must pass the test of time), and must also be fair in price. In Austria, there has never been a distinction between rich and the poor when it comes to food. Dishes such as roast beef, fried tenderloin or a Viennese rump can always be found on the festive table, both in an ordinary working-class house and in an aristocratic home. If you’re a spice lover, you may not be able to find too many restaurants that serve hot dishes in the country, since Austrian chefs try not to overuse spices.

Each federal district has its own culinary specialties which have become a tradition over the many centuries. For example, Viennese cuisine is best known for its baked goods, and if you happen to visit Lower Austria, you will definitely notice that it is famous for its wide range of game dishes. Since Carinthia has a lot of water bodies, most of the dishes are focused on cooking fish and seafood, but the choice of meat dishes is more modest. On the other hand, since Burgland was part of Hungary for quite a long time, Hungarian cuisine with the addition of paprika and tomatoes prevails here. Also very popular here are dishes using goose, fish and chicken, and fruits, vegetables and wine play a very important role too. Polenta is also very popular, as is a porridge made of cornmeal and served with mushrooms, anchovies or a choice of meat. Styria, on the other hand, is known for all kinds of pumpkin dishes as well as pumpkin seed oil.

As for the culinary destinations in Upper Austria, these are more based on the traditional dishes of Bavaria and Bohemia. In Salzburg, Mozart's homeland, cuisine is mostly simple and is often called "rustic". Here you can taste the most delicious hot dogs and Salzburger Nockerln, which is Salzburger's specialty dessert. The famous dessert is a soufflé of eggs and cream that is baked to a golden crust and served with lingonberry sauce. It's also "heaven" for cheese lovers. In Tyrol, you can taste incredibly delicious dumplings, either ravioli dumplings, or bacon dumplings (Speckknödel) which are the most popular.

NOTE! Austrian delicacies are clearly not for those who want to lose weight and control calories, as all dishes are high in calories, and the portions of each dish are incredibly large

As meat, the most famous meat dish is rightfully considered to be a schnitzel, made from tender, well-beaten veal. Smoked meats, however, like sausages, are also very popular here and you can find more than 1,500 types of them. If you want to order the famous Viennese sausages, for example, then in the menus of cafes and restaurants you will need to look for the ‘Frankfurter’. Please note that sausages are not boiled in Austria, but fried, therefore they turn out to be unusually fatty. One of the oldest and most traditional dishes in the country is Viennese goulash, which appeared during the Austro-Hungarian Empire and resembles a meat stew served with boiled potatoes and dumplings- true comfort food!

Separately, Austrian cuisine is also favorable to please vegetarians, as the region offers a fairly extensive menu of "green" dishes. In most cases, the main ingredient is sauerkraut which comes in all sorts of variations. In addition, legumes, bell peppers and potatoes are very popular here as well.

Fortunately, Austrian cuisine is not only limited to meat dishes. Sweets also play a significant role in the country’s food tradition. The most popular is the Sachertorte cake, named after the Austrian pastry chef, which combines biscuit, apricot jam and chocolate icing. Austria is also the birthplace of the famous apple strudel, which is prepared with the addition of cottage cheese, almonds or cinnamon.

As with a lot of their food, the influence of neighbouring countries also penetrated in Austria's drinks. Of course, the famous Viennese coffee is the hallmark of Austria, although it is not originally Austrian. Also like strudel, it was brought here in the XVII century by Turkish settlers. Whipped cream is added to the cup, and on top is sprinkled with cinnamon, chopped nuts, or citrus zest. There are also plenty of other topping options that include coffee with chocolate, berry syrups and powdered sugar. In local coffee shops, visitors are offered at least 30 varieties of coffee. The coffee shops in Austria have a special status, as the locals like to spend quite a lot of time here with friends and relatives, play board games or, conversely, spend time in a quiet and calm atmosphere reading a book.

The famous Ve made Almdudler, made from sugar, mineral water and herbal extracts, is a herbal lemonade recipe of which has not changed since 1957.

Austria has about 170 breweries and about 1,000 different types of beer. Only the Czech Republic or Germany can compete with the number of varieties. According to many connoisseurs of beer, the best varieties can be found in Styria, where the most popular beers among the local population like Puntigamer, Gösser and Murauer are produced. In Salzburg, Stiegl, which is where the largest brewery in Austria is located, has existed since 1492.

It should be noted that Austrian restaurants have excellent varieties of white wines, including Greiner Veltliner, Neuburger, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Among the traditional beverages, it is worth highlighting Eiswein, which is made from frozen grapes and served ice cold. When it comes to strong drinks, this is definitely Gerdi's hunting tea. The process of its preparation consists in mixing tea and honey with schnapps or red wine and spices.

PAY ATTENTION! Because of restrictive measures, to visit a restaurant, nightclub or bar, you must show proof of a complete vaccination or a certificate of past illness (the so-called "entrance tests").

The specificity of Viennese cuisine

Viennese inns and restaurants are the best places to go for a meeting or a rest with friends or family, where hospitality has always been a priority. But what makes Vienna so special is of course its cuisine, which is the only one in the world named after the city itself. Here you will be offered a huge selection of simple and hearty dishes - from schnitzel to mouth-watering pies, sausages and hearty stews, with tasty “everyday gastronomy”. Whether it is an inn or a gourmet restaurant, they are all focused on high-quality ingredients and have a detailed understanding of traditional cuisine.

Vienna has quite a number of dishes that are recognized as a hallmark of the state capital and include both traditional and international menus. But the dish Tafelspitz is definitely a must-try when visiting Vienna. The dish is beef stewed in its own juice for 5 hours and is a fine favorite among the Austrian emperors. The dish is served with broth and has a choice of golden-crusted potatoes, boiled carrots or mashed apples as a side dish and sauces include spinach or sour cream with herbs.

NOTE: All meals in Austria are high-calorie and have mostly large portions. Because of this, very often different dishes can be ordered for two people. So for example, a three-course dinner at a mid-level restaurant will cost about EUR 50 (USD 58) for two people and may include 2 large schnitzels, soup and pork ribs. As for coffee, the price ranges mostly from EUR 2.30 (USD 2.63) to EUR 4.4 (USD 5), and the price for a Viennese coffee in a restaurant is about EUR 5 (USD 5.72).
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Vienna's best restaurants

Vienna has a large concentration of restaurants and cafes that fall into the category of haute cuisine.

There are many Michelin-starred establishments, and a large selection of places where you can relax as a family, have an exquisite romantic dinner, hold business meetings or just relax with friends in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Below, we've provided a list of 8 of the best restaurants in the Austrian capital that are perfect for any type of holiday or event.


Steirereck restaurant is ranked 12th in the top 50 best restaurants in the world and offers the highest quality food. It has received awards such as 2 Michelin stars and 5 "Gault-Millau" chef's caps. As for the menu, you can taste the classic Viennese dishes that perfectly combine modern Austrian with international cuisine. It is also worth mentioning that the restaurant has its own wine cellar with 35,000 bottles of wine and an extensive wine list supervised by the award-winning sommelier, Rene Antrag.

Most of the products come from their own farms and gardens, but the spices and aromatic herbs are grown in a small garden on the roof of the restaurant. As for the menu itself, you can order dishes such as salmon trout with young peas, kohlrabi and Scottish lovage, white asparagus soup with bergamot, local Austrian duck with fennel, red orange and tamarind. Also, the restaurant has an excellent tasting menu, where you can order dishes with original ingredients, such as nasturtium root or edible flowers, and choose each individual drink that will maximize the taste of the dish. The restaurant also has a children's menu and a rather extensive menu of dishes for vegetarians.

Steirereck restaurant is very popular among tourists and locals, so before visiting, it is recommended to reserve a table in advance.

The average bill for two persons: about EUR 300 (USD 344)

Address: Am Heumarkt 2a, 1030 Vienna

Opening hours: from Mon-Fri, from 11:30 to 14:30 and 18:30 to 00:00. The establishment is closed on holidays and weekends.

NOTE: For the convenience of visitors, the Steirereck restaurant has a barrier-free entrance (no steps), an elevator and wide doors for people with disabilities. Visitors who are blind are also allowed to enter the restaurant with a guide dog.

You can also arrange a home delivery from the restaurant. The minimum order value is EUR 35 (USD 40).

On weekdays, it is advisable to place an order before 13:00, as it will then be delivered on the same day. Orders will not be accepted on Sunday. tHE Delivery cost depends on the region of Vienna and ranges from EUR 5 (USD 5.72) to EUR 9 (USD 10.3). For all orders outside of Austria, delivery will be made the following day for EUR 15 (USD 17.20) and only on weekdays.


SHIKI is located in the heart of Vienna and offers contemporary Japanese cuisine. The restaurant has been successfully operating since 2015 under the direction of internationally renowned conductor and violinist Yoji Hattori, who was born in Japan and grew up in Austria. In addition, Chef Alois Traint and his team were awarded the first Michelin star at the Fine Dining SHIKI in Austria in March 2018, making it the first Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant and one of the few Japanese gourmet restaurants in the country.

By obtaining this award SHIKI proves once again the misconception that Japanese cuisine is limited exclusively to sushi, tempura and noodle soup. Here you can try exquisite dishes such as Blue Shrimp Sashimi, which is made of natural mountain shrimp with homemade Yuzu-Ponzu sauce, Tsukuri sauce and grated fresh Hon Wasabi.

In addition, SHIKI restaurant offers its guests an extensive wine list with an emphasis on Austrian and French wines. Besides this, here you can enjoy an innovative interpretation of authentic Japanese dishes and a unique selection of vegan dishes as well. SHIKI also offers a well-balanced children's menu to ensure that everyone in the family has a good time.

The average bill for two persons: about EUR 260 (USD 298)
Address: Krugerstraße 3, 1010 Vienna
Opening hours:

  • The restaurant is open from Fri-Sat from 18:00 to 00:00 (last order at 20:30)
  • The pub is open from Tue-Thu from 18:00 to 24:00 (last order 22:30) and Fri-Sat from 12:00 to 00:00

The bar is open from Tue-Thu from 18:00 to 00:00 (last order at 23:30)


Labstelle Restaurant serves exclusively seasonal regional specialties including Arctic trout, Marshfield artichoke and parsnip. But most of all it’s famous for its exquisite meat menu. All ingredients for cooking are of the highest quality and are also all prepared by hand, ordered only from trusted farmers and have organic certificates. Labstelle also has an extensive wine list featuring classic and rare local and international wines.

The restaurant has a fairly extensive menu to choose from at any time of the day. For example, a variation of at least 10 dishes is offered for breakfast, and at lunchtime, the restaurant offers a business lunch, which includes 2-3 courses (meat, fish or vegetarian). In the evening you can order à la carte dishes or take advantage of the surprise menu, which is compiled by the chefs individually, depending on your mood or preferences. In addition, the restaurant offers a separate menu for vegetarians, as well as home delivery.

It is also worth noting that Labstelle restaurant has been awarded 2 tops (Hauben) by Gault & Millau 2021 and recommended by the Michelin guide as BIB Gourmand, as a place where high quality and affordable prices are ideally combined.

The average bill for two persons: about EUR 100 (USD 115)

Address: Lugeck 6, 1010 Vienna

Opening hours: from Mon-Fri from 11:30 to 00:00. Saturday’s from 10:00 to 00:00. Closed on Sundays and public holidays.

NOTE: The restaurant will be closed from 24 till 26 December. On December 31, from 18:00, a New Year's Eve dinner will be held and a New Year's gala concert will begin at 19:00.

Konstantin Filippou

The restaurant has been awarded 2 Michelin stars and in May 2021 the chef received a gold medal for the best mini wine list and a silver in the Grand Prix on the Austrian Wine List 2021.

The establishment has a homely yet casual atmosphere, and the menu features fish dishes as well as a rather unusual meat menu. Each dish combines quality Austrian products and Mediterranean cuisine. The most popular dishes here are marinated salmon, onion soup Vichyssoise, gherkins with spices, green onion butter or fish soup with couscous and salsa verde.

The average bill for two persons: EUR 80 (USD 92)

Address: Dominikanerbastei 17, 1010 Vienna

Opening hours: lunchtime - Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri from 12:00 to 15:00 (last orders before 14:00). Evening time - Mon, Tue, and from Thu-Sat from 18:00 to 23:00 (the kitchen closes at 22:00). Wednesday is a day off.


Mochi is a small restaurant cafe that has a lively, informal atmosphere and serves authentic Japanese cuisine. Inside is relatively spacious, so you do not feel too constrained, but if you are planning an event, then the maximum number of people for which a Mochi reservation can accept is no more than 8 people. But it should be noted that in the summer there is a comfortable veranda on the street, which allows you to place more guests.

The open-air kitchen allows guests to watch the cooking process and see the chef’s making dishes such as sushi rolls, yakitori or gyu-don. In addition, business lunches are available during the working week, which are also offered at two other establishments, Mochi Ramen Bar and Kikko Bā. There is a fairly extensive selection of dishes for vegetarians and vegans, as well as a small children's menu and high chairs for little ones. The owners are also friendly to visitors with small dogs.

It is worth noting that Mochi is of great interest to locals and tourists alike, so it is recommended to book a table in advance before your visit. At lunchtime, reservations are open from 16:00, and cancellation is possible at least 24 hours in advance.

The average bill for two persons is about EUR 80 (USD 92)
Address: Schwedenplatz Praterstraße 15, Wien
Opening hours: from Mon-Sat from 11:30 to 22:00. Sunday and on public holidays the restaurant is closed.


For 30 years Kornat restaurant has been one of the best places for connoisseurs of Croatian-Dalmatian cuisine, and the menu exclusively presents seafood of the highest quality. Here you can taste dishes such as seafood stew Brodetto, oysters Fine de Claire with crispy pumpernickel bread, lobster, tuna tartare, crab cakes or fish soup with fried toast and sauce. There is also a balanced and beautifully put-together children's menu. In the warmer months, there is a summer veranda, but regardless of the season, Kornat restaurant hosts family dinners, various events and business meetings throughout the year.

Separately, it is worth noting that in 2021 the Kornat restaurant was awarded a gold award in the category "Special Jury Prize" in the list of Austrian star wines.

The average bill for two persons - from EUR 200 (USD 229)
Address: Marc Aurel Straße 8, 1010 Wien
Opening hours: Daily from 11:30 to 00:00.

Cantinetta Antinori

The restaurant has been operating in Vienna since 1995 and is a small island of Italian gastronomic art in the style of "Alla maniera Antinori". The interior of Cantinetta Antinori deserves special attention as it is decorated with frescos, marble statues and Renaissance mirrors, which gives it regal status and luxury atmosphere.

Cantinetta Antinori is very spacious and can hold many events, banquets, business meetings, family dinners, or a romantic dinner for two. In addition, in summer there is a beautiful summer veranda.

The gourmet restaurant of Cantinetta Antinori is located in the historic Innere Stadt in Vienna, not far from St. Stephen's Basilica, and offers a culinary journey through Tuscany. The restaurant offers a wide variety of fish dishes, homemade Italian pasta and seasonal delicacies such as black truffles or chanterelles. Besides Vienna, you can visit Cantinetta Antinori restaurants in Florence, Monte Carlo, Moscow and Zurich.

As for the menu itself, this is presented in classical Italian cuisine with an excellent wine list belonging to a well-known Antinori family. The family of Tuscan winemakers for over 600 years defends the love for good wine and brings it to the masses.

The average bill for two persons will be about EUR 250 (USD 286)

Address: Jasomirgottstraße 3-5, 1010 Wien

Opening hours: from Mon-Sun from 11:30 to 00:00

Silvio Nickol

The gourmet restaurant "Silvio Nickol'' in Vienna's Coburg Palace is the author's place of the famous culinary specialist, a native of the Saxon Hoyerswerd - Silvio Nicolas, who since 1994 has built his career in famous restaurants in Germany, Belgium and Austria. In 2009, Nicolas's cuisine received 2 Michelin stars, and in 2011, Nicolas's own restaurant was opened at the luxury hotel Palais Coburg, which offers signature dishes of French haute cuisine. Exactly 1 year after opening, the institution was also awarded 2 Michelin stars as well.

Silvio Nickol belongs to the category of gourmet restaurants and offers small portions of haute cuisine. It is worth noting that the restaurant does not offer a printed menu. There are tasting menus for 5, 7 or 9 dishes, where each dish is accompanied by a full description from the waiter. You will be informed as to what ingredients were used to prepare the dish and will be given the best wine pairing recommendations to combine with the food. Among the most exquisite dishes, the chef can name pigeon with Savoy cabbage combined with juniper, beet and cranberries, and sea scallops with pandan rice with peanuts and orange. In addition, special attention is paid to one of the best wine lists in all of Europe, which includes more than 5,500 items. The oldest bottle in the collection dates back to 1727 (Rüdesheimer Apostelwein by Bremer Ratskeller) and is estimated to be worth over EUR 25М (USD 28.6М).

A bill for two people is:

  • Small 7-course tasting menu - from EUR 320 (USD 367)
  • Large 9-course tasting menu - from EUR 360 (USD 412)

Address: Coburgbastei 4, 01010 ViennaOpening hours: from Tue-Sat. from 18:00 to 21:30


  • Austrian cuisine combines both established traditions and national dishes, whose recipes intertwine over the centuries and are borrowed from the traditional cuisines of the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Sweden and other neighbouring countries.
  • The main part of Austrian cuisine is characterized by huge portion sizes and high-calorie content.
  • Inhabitants of Austria stick to traditional culinary recipes that have been tried and tested for centuries. In addition, each region of the state has its own specialties in the preparation of certain dishes.
  • Austrian cuisine is represented by a large selection of exquisite dishes. Most of the restaurants may have 1 or 2 Michelin stars, but despite this, many establishments perfectly combine top-notch cuisine at affordable prices.
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