How to buy property abroad?

Investment in property abroad - is one of the best ways to save and
increase your assets.

Posted on 10.01.2019
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How to buy property abroad?
Investment in property abroad — is one of the best ways to save and increase your assets. Would you consider buying apartments abroad for yourself or as an investment in real estate? First of all one should choose the country for such an investment. Let's take Vienna - the capital of Austria - as an example and see what should be taken into consideration.

European countries are always on top of the charts among the countries with attractive conditions for deals at real estate investment market. The following parameters are taken into account: rental price, price for m2 in case of purchase (depends on geographical location), rental yield and of course geography, social politics and cultural development. European countries are very popular in this respect due to sustainable economy, high standard of living and developed infrastructure for comfortable living and unforgettable vacations.

We would recommend to take into consideration the following factors when you choose the property abroad:

· Interest of citizens of other foreign countries in investment property of the considered country
· Level of economic development
· External policy
· Development perspectives
· Standard of living and security
· Geography: geographical location and climate
· State of country infrastructure
· Level of public health service
· Ecology and environment.
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Vienna – the city where the company Luxury Vienna represents successfully the real estate market – is at the top of the list of the most comfortable cities of the world. The city is situated not far from the Alps, in the Danube river valley, that is why one can enjoy here the fresh air and good environment.

Vienna is attractive not only because of the geographical location of the city, but also because of well developed infrastructure. Public transport, banks and other financial institutions, educational institutions, cultural institutions and remarkable sights – all corresponds with the world highest standard of living.

Regarding the investment appeal of the Austrian capital, demand for real estate in Vienna goes up every year. The foreigners choose Vienna to invest in real estate or to buy property for personal use for permanent residence. There is a wide range of available real estate in Austria – starting from inexpensive units and up to luxurious villas and magnificent penthouses of every possible kind. In our property catalogue there are more than … different apartments, private houses and villas from the best trustworthy Austrian developers .
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