Invest in Your Dream Project: Commercial Lot by White Beach Golf Course in Pärnu, Estonia

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This prime commercial lot offers an outstanding investment opportunity, perfectly positioned adjacent to the prestigious White Beach Golf Course. This expansive property boasts a size of 31,300 square metres and is situated to the south of the town of Pärnu, in picturesque southwest Estonia.
31,300 square metres
White Beach Golf Course
This is a property that combines beautiful nature, a strategic location, and boundless potential.


The lot is governed by a zoning plan that allows for a maximum of three floors and permits the construction of two buildings with a combined construction area of 6,400 square metres.
The potential here is endless, with a 50% allocation for commercial use and 50% for general purposes, allowing you to bring a wide array of business ideas to life.

Consider the potential avenues for development on this lot, including the establishment of a spa facility complete with guest apartments. Furthermore, it offers the option to create a comprehensive district with sports facilities and tennis courts, catering to sports enthusiasts seeking a dynamic lifestyle in proximity to the golf course.
Land area 6,400 square metres
The detailed planning regulations also present a great opportunity to design a building that stands low in height yet boasts a spacious construction area, giving you the freedom to craft a truly distinctive establishment.

The present design project is included in the overall cost. The purchaser can use this project and proceed with construction on the designated plot, as it has already obtained the necessary approvals and can be implemented without additional project authorisations. Alternatively, the purchaser may apply and implement their own design, however, they will be responsible for obtaining the required project approvals.

Nestled in a beautifully landscaped area near the beach, the lot basks in the warm embrace of the sun while offering beautiful views of the golf course.


The property's location is undoubtedly one of its most compelling attributes. Located just a brief 3-minute drive from the heart of Pärnu, a charming Estonian city, you'll enjoy convenient access to urban amenities while relishing the tranquillity of your golf course-side oasis.
Additionally, the Valgeranna Golf Course neighbours this property, ensuring that golf enthusiasts have easy access to their passion.

The true gem of this location is the proximity to the Valgerand Sea, which is only 150 metres from your future establishment. Here, visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of the surroundings and spend time going on leisurely walks.
This lot isn't just a piece of real estate; it's an opportunity to be part of a thriving community in a stunning natural setting.
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