Statistics Austria released the "Housing 2022" report

According to the “Housing 2022" report by Statistics Austria, Vienna has the most tenants, at over 75%. The size of a main residence in Austria averages 102 sq. m.
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PUBLISHED 05.06.2023
Statistics Austria has released its annual report, "Housing 2022", which illustrates the distribution of real estate and the prices throughout the country. Out of 4.07 million main properties, 48% are owned by its residents, while 42% are rented and the rest serve as company apartments or are free of charge.

Vienna has the most tenants in the country, with the indicator standing at more than 75%. Salzburg comes second with 38%, surpassing Upper Austria (36%), Vorarlberg and Carinthia (each 35%), Styria and Tyrol (each 34%), and Lower Austria (28%). Burgenland has the lowest rental share (20%) and highest property share (71%). In Vienna, just 19% of residents live in their residence, and in other federal states the indicator exceeds 50%.

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In Austria, the area of a main property averages 102 sq. m. Nevertheless, it varies depending on the household type and legal relationship. When it comes to homeowners, the total space stands at 61 sq. m. Over the recent years, the total living area has grown.

Rental apartments have 1.5 rooms per person on average. Condominiums and owner-occupied buildings boast 3.5 and 5+ rooms per household, respectively. The proportion of units without central heating or a district heating connection decreased by 5.7%.
The average rent in Austria in 2022 amounted to EUR 582, including estimated EUR 152 of operating costs. The price depends on various factors such as the rental segment, federal state, time of conclusion, whether the building is old or new and so on.
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